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The Hexaboride's Family: So close yet so much different

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The Hexaboride's Family: So close yet so much different

Every family is different. The members look the same but they can be very very different. In a family, there is the main group, the one that you know the most and that you see frequently. There is always a member that likes to brag about how much he's famous, one that you can always relate to, the weird one, the three musketeers that do the same things, a soon to be famous and the other one that is close to your heart. After that, there are the distant cousins that pretty much do the same things but they live far from you. Finally, there is the lone wolf, the one that lives close to your cousins but do completely different things.

Well, the hexaboride's family is like that. The main group:

LaB6: The simple metal aka the relatable
CeB6: Quadrupolar ordering and dense Kondo system aka the weird one
PrB6, GdB6 and TbB6: Antiferromagnets aka the three musketeers
SmB6: Kondo topological insulator aka the famous one
YbB6: Predicted topological insulator aka the wannabe
EuB6: Magnetic semi-conductor and magnetic polarons aka the love one

The distant cousins:

CaB6, SrB6 and BaB6: Ferromagnets when doped

The lone wolf:

YB6: Supraconductor

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