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Neutron spin resonance point towards AFM order in doped CeCoIn5

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Recent study shows that an upward dispersion observed in a neutron spin resonance could be associated with an AFM order proximity in an superconducting phase of CeCoIn5 doped with Yb.

Magnetic excitations are commonly observed in hole doped copper oxide superconductor and pnictide Ni-underdoped. In the former, the resonance is associated with a downward dispersion as in the latter, the resonance comes with an upward dispersion. In both cases, the origin and the behaviour of this resonance is well described by the spin-exciton scenario.

Measurements made in Yb doped CeCoIn5 show, on the other hand, a dispersion associated to the resonance that cannot be explained by the spin-exciton scenario. This conclusion comes from the robustness of this feature to hole doping and the uncommensurate upward dispersion similar to a spin wave in antiferromagnetically order CeRhIn5.

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